“Red Gold”

Non-oil sector in Azerbaijan continues to grow every year.

The contribution of production and export of fruits and vegetables to the country's economy is reflected in the development of the non-oil sector. According to the official data, in the first ten months of this year, non-oil goods worth $ 1 billion 207 million were exported abroad. After the oil we call "Black Gold," our 2nd important export product is the tomato that we call "red gold", is on the first place with $ 144.7 million in the list of exported commodities in the non-oil sector.

 Production and export of tomato in our country is growing rapidly every year. As a Buta Agro, we are proud of our contribution to this development. As a result of work of our 10 permanent employees in our greenhouses- modern production facility in Zira we export "Pink Beef" "Baku, Zira" and "Salxim" tomatoes under the brand "Made in Azerbaijan" worldwide with great responsibility. Since we consider that we represent our country, not just our own company. We would like to emphasize that our production, "red gold," is the most popular product by foreign consumers. We will soon introduce you new types of tomatoes