Azerbaijan Trade House

The process of establishing trading houses abroad is continued in order to promote and enhance export of the products produced in Azerbaijan, introduce, and market the brand “Made in Azerbaijan" in foreign countries. Buta Aqro is actively involved in the project "Azerbaijan Trading House" opened in different cities of the world at the initiative of the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, got familiar with Azerbaijan Trading House in Minsk during his state visit to the Republic of Belarus on November 19, 2018. Azerbaijan Trading House, with a total area of 529 square meters, was established in 2017 in the capital of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk. "Azerbaijan Trading House" LLC was established and registered in the Republic of Belarus for the management of the Trading House.

The next Trading House was opened in Warsaw, Poland on December 6, 2018. The Azerbaijan Trading House is an important step in promoting the brand “Made in Azerbaijan” in the Polish market, supporting the promotion and enhancement of export of Azerbaijani products, organizing sales of our local products in Poland, and coordinating entrepreneurs in this sector.  

"Azerbaijan Trade House" was opened at the famous shopping center "The Mall" in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on January 15, 2019.

As Buta Agro, who has contributed to the worldwide recognition of Azerbaijan's products, we believe that Azerbaijan Trading House will support introduction of “Made in Azerbaijan” in the UAE market, promotion  and enhancement of the export of Azerbaijani products, will market our local products in the UAE, and will ensure coordination among entrepreneurs in this sector.

It should be noted that in all created Trading Houses Buta Agro company is represented by its stand and displays its high quality products. We believe that Azerbaijan Trading Houses will very helpful in presenting our products to consumers from different countries of the world