“Apples of love”

Tomato belonging to the eggplant spices (solanum lycopersicum) has a very interesting history. Its homeland is considered South and Central America. First, the tomato grown in Peru, Bolivia and Mexico was brought to Europe after Christopher Columbus discovered America. The local population in South America called the tomatoes "tomate" since they call juicy and seedy plants “tomatl”. In Europe, in the 16th century, many people thought tomato was poisonous, so they grew it not as food, but as a ornamental plant in the botanical gardens.

The Italians called it "pomodoro" that is “gold apple”
because of its yellow color, the French called it pommes d”amour” which means “ apples of love”. In Europe, for the first time the Italians began to use tomato as food.

when the poor people started to eat tomato grown mainly as ornamentals on the streets of Naples noticed that it was not poisonous but had a very good taste and started to use it for the first time in the pizza. So tomatoes were widely spread in Europe. Many scientists around the world refer tomato to fruits and others to vegetables. However, according to scientific research, tomato is considered a fruit.

The richness of the nutritional composition of a tomato indicates its importance for human health. Licopen (pigment that gives red color to tomato) - a powerful antioxidant that fights against more than 8 cancer diseases. Reduces cardiovascular disease by reducing blood cholesterol. Vitamin C in this fruit which is rich in Vitamins, enhances the human immune system. One tomato contains 40% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Vitamin A improves visual acuity, vitamin K helps blood clotting during injury, iron supports blood circulation, and potacium is a friend of nervous system.

Continuous use of tomatoes normalizes high blood pressure, resolves problem of constipation, prevents diabetes and gives you glowing and healthy skin.

There are even some interesting dream interpretations about tomatoes. If you see in the dream, collecting, peeling, cooking red tomatoes, you will get a lot of money that you deserve. Seeing the crushed tomatoes is interpreted as if you miss some opportunity and you need to make a quick decision.

In any case, tomato is an important plant for humans.