Welcome to Buta Agro

Welcome to BUTA Agro, one of the largest producers of premium quality greenhouse tomatoes, potatoes, onions and garlic in Azerbaijan. One of our companies Aztomato growing tomatoes in the greenhouses, another one Ismayilli tərəvəzləri growing potatoes and onions on open field. Aztomato vegetables are grown hydroponically (without the use of soil) in a glass enclosed high technology environment using sophisticated computer systems to control irrigation, fertilizers, carbon dioxide, light, temperature, ventilation, humidity and other climatic factors. Aztomato greenhouse vegetables are produced by plants that have been selected for their taste, quality and other characteristics and are not genetically modified.

Why are our vegetables tastier?

We believe, heart and soul should be put into growing vegetables, thus we do our job with sincere care. Our hardworking employees surround with care every single plant because only this way we can achieve the best result, which is aim of our company.

Buta Agro delivers the tastiest potatoes, tomatoes, onion, eggplant, carrot and garlic by synthesizing age-old traditions and hi-tech. Environmentally friendly products are grown by our hard-working farmers in favorable climate and fertile soils of Azerbaijan.

Optimal growing conditions

Ecology and wealth of the next generation, of course, is one of our main concerns. Greenhouse of Buta Agro is provided with modern technologies, here irrigation, air conditioning, pruning - everything is automated. Our products do not contain GMOs. Flowers are pollinated by bees in a natural way, without the use of hormones.  We use natural remedies in the fight against pests.

The best varieties of tomatoes

Bright, provocative and simply very delicious - tomatoes are the ideal choice that will make even the most boring salad colorful and tasty. Using advanced technology our company focuses on the ecological cleanliness of the product and produces high quality tomatoes. Buta Agro offers your family the best quality tomatoes throughout the year.

The best varieties of potatoes

Buta Agro grows the most delicious potatoes, from which you can prepare various dishes, please your relatives and friends, without worrying about your health, because our environmentally friendly product contains no GMO. Planted potatoes we grow in a natural way with the help of a modern irrigation system.

Packing for you

Buta Agro pays special attention to packaging its products. We believe that the packaging is extremely functional, hygienic and convenient for the modern consumer, so using modern Dutch technology, our company provides you with potatoes in packages of 2.5, 5 and 10 kg.